Pettro Capital Group

Pettro Capital Group is modern digital media company that provides marketing services on the global market.

Dedicated to develop and maintain the best media platforms in the marketing industry and by applying the best marketing practices, We at Pettro Capital Group will provide you with the best solutions to market your products online.

Our Media Platforms…

Rising Marketer is new generation marketing platform that helps marketers around the globe to market the best way their (physical/digital) products and services in front of their targeted audiences.

Rising Marketer is both  social media and  advertising network that is made for marketers in the Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce etc. industries and it is the best way to advertise your products both with small or none budget as well as for companies with huge media budget.

Be Medio is our digital marketing services brand. Since 2010 we have served many small and huge companies with  the best marketing practices here in Eastern Europe and entire world. We provide services such as: Social Media Maintenance, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Media Planing, Marketing Strategies Planing and etc. and are our niche blogs that are focused on the best practices in the digital marketing world. is our brand in the subject of ladies in the legal world.

Live Medio is our Digital marketing store where you can download the best global email lists and the best web templates for your WordPress website. At Live Medio You can also have  instant access to the best web marketing training videos.

Welcome to Pettro Capital Group!

… because Tomorrow is defined by Today!